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Ice Scream for Summer Ch 4

27th July 2020

Ice Scream for Summer Ch 4

Today has been an absolute dismal of a day here in Kent, UK. It started with the most horrendous thunder and lightening I've ever heard that I truly thought it was the end of the world!

I have not managed to enjoy any ice creams today, but this week I have enjoyed a Haagen Dazs Mango and Raspberry Lolly and also a Salted Caramel one. The mango and raspberry is quickly becoming one of my favourites. I may enjoy one tonight after Dinner. 

So onto this weeks release of Ice Scream for Summer. 

Last night I gave a teaser of colours. Some of you guessed, alas none of you guessed right. I love being a big kid and sometimes when I go to my local ice cream parlour, I just have to go for the brightest ice cream they have.

Today I present to you, Bubblegum Funfetti. This will permanently turn your tongue blue, and reminds me of summer days as a kid. 


Enjoy Stitching!!

As always this pattern is completely free but if you'd like to support or thank me for putting it together, then please consider getting me a coffee

Please click on the PDF file link here to download and stitch -

Ice Scream for Summer Ch 4 PDF

Author: Sarah Paige


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